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  • Best of Montessori Education
  • Rich and diverse curriculum
  • Unique and innovative learning resources and teaching aids
  • Standard ICT and Science Laboratories
  • Well stocked Modern Library Facility
  • Condusive and Stimulating Learning Environment
  • Modern Classrooms
  • Well Qualified Teachers
  • Effective Transportation Facilities
  • Effective Day care services and Child Development Centre
  • Moderate/ Affordable School Fees
  • Weekend Tutorials for Common Entrance Exams (Nov. & April)
  • 4 weeks Intensive Summer School (August)


The staff team at Chriswil Schools are totally committed to all children having an equal chance to learn and thrive. Our Equal Opportunity policy highlights the following

  • All children have the right to learn and achieve without being disrupted by others. Teachers will do all they can to uphold this right
  • We are committed to ensuring that every individual at every stage of learning, regardless of ability level, ethnic origin, linguistic background, gender, religion or socio-economic background is offered the opportunity to participate in full curriculum, which takes proper account of their needs and abilities.
  • We are committed to an inclusive approach to education and wish to incorporate all children into the full life of the school.


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