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At Chriswil Schools, we follow the Curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education in Nigeria, but through keen study and careful observation have improved upon this curriculum to enhance the learning perspective of our pupils.

We teach our children not only to be successful academics, but to be good and model citizens of the nation and they are also taught self-sufficiency skills that will prove invaluable to them in the long run.

Our curricula is guided towards building up our pupils academically, socially, culturally, spiritually and ethically.

  • The curriculum for pupils in the pre – school is centered around play, in consonance with Montessori Method of education which advocates the play way method of learning.

  • The Areas of learning for the Nursery and Primary include:

For Nursery

  • 1. Letter Work
  • 2. Creative Art
  • 3. Handwriting
  • 4. Physical/Health Education
  • 5. Number Work
  • 6. Social Habits
  • 7. Literature in English
  • 8. Speech Transition
  • 9. Music

For Primary 1 – 6

  • 1. English Studies
  • 2. Mathematics
  • 3. Basic Science and Technology
  • 4. Religious Value Education (RNV)
  • 5. Cultural and Creative Art (CCA)
  • 6. Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning
  • 7. Speech Transition
  • 8. Physical & Health Education
  • 9. Music


The academic year commences on September every year and consist of 3 terms which are as follows:

  • 1st term -   September – December
  • 2nd term -   January – March
  • 3rd term -   April – July

Summer coaching holds in the month of August for a fee payable in cash to the school offices.


The school holidays consist essentially of three types

  • The main School holidays at the end of each term
  • Half term (Mid-term) Holidays
  • National/ state public holidays

The main holidays are as follows:

  • Christmas holidays –  December to January
  • Easter holidays    –    March to April
  • Summer holidays   –   July to September

Half term holidays is usually Thursday & Fridays

The National/State public holidays will be observed in accordance with National/State guidelines annually.


  • The normal opening hours for the school are from 8:00am to 2:00pm.
  • This excludes coaching classes which is between 2:30 – 3:30pm,
    from Mondays – Thursdays. On Fridays school resumes at 8:00 am and closes 1:00pm. Parents are advised to collect their children before 2:30pm.
  • A typical day for pupil commences with morning assembly at 8:00am and this usually last for minutes. From the assembly the pupils go to their various classes for lessons.